You may be wondering what this site is all about.
I needed to keep track of every place that I exist and accomplished.  I have so many profiles out there on the internet that it was getting too cumbersome to keep track of everything.  It was too hard to tell people how to find me on various social network sites.   I have found that some people gravitate to certain sites for their online existence.  I exist on all of them.  Well it seems like that anyways.  I look at this site as my online business card.  Everything about me can be found right here on these few pages.  If not here, just Google “gotbob” and you will find something that I wrote or places that I have frequented.   (I haven’t been very active on my sites as much. Now it’s filled in with impostors.)

I tend to spend an enormous amount of time on the internet or trying out new technology.  This page will summarize my “research.”  It is all research, right?  I have a passion for technology and not afraid to share it with others.  I have found that most people are intimidated by the thoughts of new technology, not me.  I embrace it and find myself out in front of it.  I consider myself an “early adopter.”  By the time a site becomes popular, I have been there and bought the shirt.  I love the challenge of finding a new and exciting technology.  The only thing that I have not totally embraced yet is webcam technology.  Just something about me being in front of the camera, instead of being behind it as I am with my photography passion.  However, this is the next phase of the internet.  Video comments and podcast are the place to…Bob will be there after I drop about 25 lbs.

Browse the links to the left.  They are either my profiles or they are sites that I have created.